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About Us

Experts in the credit management ecosystem, Access Mercantile Services have knowledgeable, dedicated, and specialised resources to ensure we keep your customer engaged and protect your brand. With a fully integrated end to end credit management model, underpinned by innovation and technology, we act quickly and with agility to deliver a high success rate for your business. With teams across Australia and New Zealand, we can reach your customer no matter where they are. Access Mercantile is ISO accredited, fully compliant and industry affiliated.

We offer our clients:

  • Experts in collection activity with 30+ years’ experience
  • Fully integrated credit collections – contingent, skip, field, and legal services
  • ACE – Access’ Credit Ecosystem model designed to increase results, saving time and costs
  • All services provided by Access Mercantile resulting in one point of management
  • ISO9001:2015 Quality & ISO27001:2022 Information Security Management accreditation
  • Brand and reputation protection through customer engagement

Our Team

We select our people based on their willingness to work hard while helping them stay curious and enthusiastic about recovering collections and maintaining customer satisfaction. Our agents are critical to our success, trained in open communication and treating debtors like human beings (how they would like to be treated). We recognise that our clients have the right to recover debt pertaining to their business. Through a balanced and integrated approach, we seek to create a positive customer experience. Our team is trained to a high level in customer engagement, effective collections conversations, hardship, customer vulnerability, leadership, and well-being.

Experts in debt collection and the credit ecosystem


Leo Gagic
Chief Executive Officer

Leo Gagic is a highly experienced executive with over 30 years Credit / Collection expertise leading global operations within private equity & top 200 ASX listed organisations.

Corey Bakes
Chief Financial Officer

Corey is a highly experienced finance executive with over 20 years experience. As a qualified and chartered Accountant he is responsible for all facets of the Access Mercantile finance function.

David Bisiach
Chief Information & Technology Officer

David has an impressive track record of spearheading technological advancements.  David excels in propelling Access'  investments in cutting-edge technologies ensuring exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Greg Asling
Chief Operations Officer

Greg has over 30 years’ experience in credit, collections & recovery disciplines across several countries and is a specialist in operational execution.  Greg heads our client assist, collections assist and field agent operations.

Sebastian Lobczuk
Head of Sales & Business Development

Seb is charged with Access Mercantile’ s ability to complement and enhance the needs of our clients to provide quality services across the credit management ecosystem.

Vivian Hua
Head of Quality Assurance & Compliance

Vivian is responsible for leading Quality Assurance Compliance and Training through design, facilitation and implementation of systems and processes that comply with critical laws and regulation. 


Want to work with us?

We’re always looking for great people to join us. If you are customer focused and have collection experience please use the form to send through your interest.

Please submit your details via the form below, and email a copy of your CV to


Our approach to diversity is simple—it’s about embracing everyone. From building a culture where all employees can bring their best selves to work to deploying diversity initiatives that support everyone, we’re doing what it takes to build an inclusive world for all.  We celebrate, value and include people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities.


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Our Values

Access Mercantile is a strategic partner of choice for our clients across the whole credit ecosystem, supported by integrated, innovative, high quality service delivery where we exceed our client expectations, treat people like family and where our actions are responsible and sustainable.



We deliver on what we say

We're accountable for our actions

We're passionate on delivering

We're willing to learn


We keep systems and processes simple

We do more by doing less, better

We don't overcomplicate

We operate within a flat, agile structure


We communicate openly and honestly, where we all have a voice

We seek and encourage feedback

We're open to ideas

We're excited about change


We Respect, Include, Recognise and reward our people

We have fun

We commit to supporting each other to develop and grow

Our commitment to the environment

We all have a role to play in making Australia a more sustainable country for future generations.  Australian businesses, have a key role to play in integrating the environment into planning, operations and policy decisions.

Access Mercantile's Environmental Policy as well as our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy sets out our commitment to improve the environmental sustainability of our business so it is resilient in the face of climate change.

Access Mercantile is aware of its responsibility to care for the environment as we work towards net  carbon neutrality.

Access Mercantile is a proud supporter of Carbon Positive Australia.

Ecosystem Restoration

We're Supporting the planting of trees to restore degraded land, capture carbon, create habitat, promote biodiversity and protect species.

Education for Climate Action

We are funding and supporting tools and educational resources to empower all Australians to reduce their carbon pollution via Carbon Positive Australia's educational programs.

Carbon Positive Australia is a grassroots organisation with deep roots in Australia. They strategically develop projects to address the greatest need. With over 20 years of experience, they are experts in revegetation, reforestation, carbon offsets, and environmental plantings.




Corporate Social Responsibility

Access Mercantile acknowledges that running a business has an effect on society.  We are committed to taking responsibility of our actions and encourage a positive contribution towards improving standards for our clients, employees, minimising environmental impact and improving the quality of the local community.

By putting CSR into practice, we are committed, wherever possible to:

  • Conducting ourselves in a responsible and ethical manner
  • Creating a positive and supportive working environment
  • Supporting local communities
  • Robust governance, quality frameworks, accreditation and affiliation
  • Improving service levels to clients and their customers
  • Acting fairly in our dealings
  • Strict adherence to regulatory and legal compliance
  • Minimising our impact on our environment

Access in the community

We have served the community for many years, so it’s important to us that we give back to the community.

At Access we support various local charities through our Community Engagement Programs. We are very proud to work with the community and offer a lending hand when we can.

Reconciliation Action

Access Mercantile Services is proud to announce our First Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for 2023. This plan reflects our ongoing commitment to advancing reconciliation and embracing unity between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider Australian community.

Our vision for reconciliation is an Australia that recognises, celebrates, and respects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as First Australians. We believe that reconciliation should strengthen relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider Australian community, benefiting all Australians.

For Access Mercantile Services, reconciliation is about building genuine, meaningful, and sustainable relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities, and organisations. It is about celebrating and respecting their cultures, promoting awareness and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and creating equitable opportunities and outcomes for these communities.

Our Reflect RAP is aimed at making real change through constant and determined efforts. It is our way of turning good intentions into national reconciliation action.

Access Mercantile Services is committed to:

  • Building equitable, meaningful, and sustainable relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities, and organisations
  • Providing our employees with increased awareness and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their culture
  • Creating educational training, employment, and procurement opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and businesses
  • Acting in the best interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and our organisation, with effective, open, and ethical processes

You can read our full Reconciliation Action Plan here