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Access Mercantile Services

Access Mercantile Services have knowledgeable, dedicated, and specialised resources to ensure we keep your customer engaged and protect your brand. With a fully integrated end to end credit management model, underpinned by innovation and technology, we act quickly and with agility to deliver a high success rate for your business.  With teams across Australia and New Zealand, we can reach your customer no matter where they are.  Access Mercantile is ISO accredited, fully compliant and industry affiliated.

Our uniqueness is your biggest value.

Our biggest value (and point of difference) is how we view credit management. Through evolution and innovation, Access Mercantile provides a broad scope of credit collection services, having a full end to end, integrated credit management ecosystem. It allows us to dynamically leverage various aspects of our collection function simultaneously or independently to achieve the most optimal result. When a particular credit activity fails to yield results, for example a field activity, we use our skilled resources in contingency and skip tracing to progress collections and achieve an outcome. Having a mix of exclusive and skilled field, contact centre and skip and investigation resources on request all working together in a dynamic way makes our collection process extremely unique and powerful. This is kept in-house making it easier to manage (there is no need to transfer the file to other service providers as we do it all under the one roof), less customer confusion (as there is one consistent collection relationship, keeping customers engaged & less chance to “game the system,” one relationship giving you full view of the customer interaction and, importantly, the ability to act with speed.

Customer Centred Fully Integrated Credit Ecosystem

Successful Result

Key Benefits
  • Engaged Customer
  • Quicker Outcome
  • Better Success Rate
  • Time savings
  • Cost Savings
  • Effectiveness


Covering the full credit spectrum, giving flexibility to move with speed and agility within the ecosystem.

Access Mercantile has a unique ability to respond to customers behaviours. Supported by trained experts, activity is moved and sometimes repeated, seamlessly within our team to achieve an outcome. Customers are engaged as they identify and interact with one primary supplier.

We’re customer focused – that’s why the customer is at the centre of everything we do.

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Asset Management

As part of Asset management, following the successful collection of your asset, we will liaise with your preferred Auction Supplier to have the asset evaluated whilst maintaining an open line of communication with your customers to keep them informed. Our Asset Managers handle redemption of repossessed assets on your behalf as well as releasing securities for sale whilst maintaining strict compliance. As the asset is already in our possession, we manage the realisation of the asset for you and if applicable refer the shortfall or residual debt owing post sale to our contingent team for collection on your behalf without any unnecessary handoff, between multiple service provides saving you time and money.

Contingent Collections

The Collection and Recovery group is responsible for resolving debt through tailored solutions, namely securing payments on time through debtor contact and relationship building. Access Mercantile has a dedicated regional contingent collection team focused on early, mid-stage and complex collections that also when required provide support to our skip and field teams through our integrated collection ecosystem.

Skip Services

Access Mercantile Services is an industry leader in this field. We pride ourselves on having one of the most extensively experienced and diverse team of Location Agents covering Australia and New Zealand. All of Access Mercantile Agents work exclusively for Access and are specialised and dedicated to focusing on Investigations and locating customers. Our success rate is proven and combined with comprehensive reporting and analytics. Using Access Mercantile's Skip Tracing service not only saves you time and money but also ensures contact with your debtor is in accordance with the regulations set by the National Credit Code, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and relevant Debt Collection Guidelines.

Legal Services

We acknowledge that sometimes despite best efforts debt collection may require specialised legal intervention. Access Mercantile Services is affiliated with Sinisgalli Foster Legal Pty Ltd who we enjoy an exclusive relationship with for all legal service requirements. Sinisgalli Foster have years of extensive litigation expertise and provide inhouse support. Working directly alongside our collection team.

Field Services

Our field services are a great way to integrate into the credit ecosystem where agents will visit face to face with customers. With the highest standards, field visits are effective as customer’s engage with an agent at their door. Our agents are fully trained to enable full collection, payment arrangement, hardship identification or even to simply make contact to have the customer engage with your team.


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