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iDebt360 - New field services debt resolution technology provides greater support to customers facing financial challenges.

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Innovative technology enabling an enhanced customer experience amidst increasing financial challenges and hardship. Access Mercantile, a leading Australian debt resolution agency, has introduced a first of its kind field services technology in the industry.


iDebt360 signifies a pivotal moment in the realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for field services debt collection. This cutting edge, fully integrated and digitally advanced solution removes the historical industry requirement to print and carry paper-based documents enhancing data security whilst providing end to end automation to dynamically respond to unique customer needs through the provision of tailored and personalised solutions.


iDebt360 is an industry first – provides an enhanced customer experience, with powerful, never seen capabilities across field services:

First fully digital end-to-end platform:  iDebt360 seamlessly integrates with all facets of our organisation, from customer data to communication channels, creating unified platform for comprehensive customer management.

Digital Transformation: iDebt360 leverages the power of digital technology to streamline processes, enhance customer interactions through real time interactions and insights. It enables us to adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape effectively.

Efficient /Timely workflow:  iDebt360 provides full end to end automation using advanced dynamic workflows that align to customer behaviour and needs. API’s are leveraged to integrate process, data and remove major manual interventions. We can optimise workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and improve efficiency throughout our organisation, enhancing productivity and allowing our people to focus on what really matters – “Helping customers resolve complex debt related issues.”

Enhanced customer Engagement: iDebt360 facilitates personalised interactions with customers, fostering stronger relationships and engagement. It enables targeted activity and communication to best meet the customer circumstances.

Scalability and Security: As our business continues to grow, iDebt360 can scale with us ensuring that our CRM system remains effective and adaptable to changing requirements. Best of breed data and cyber security controls and capabilities linked to a fully digital paper off environment ensure full customer protection. 

Built in fair debt collection guidelines:  We place a high emphasis on ensuring our activities are customer focused and in line with current best practice. iDebt360 has in-built ACCC/ASIC Fair Debt Collection Guideline controls that ensures that debt collection activity is undertaken in a way that is consistent with consumer protection laws.


Access Mercantile believes that iDebt360 will play a pivotal role in the debt recovery industry, enhancing the  ability to serve customers and drive business growth. Access Mercantile is excited to embark on this journey of digital transformation and looks forward to the positive impact iDebt360 will have for clients and customers.


Leo Gagic, CEO Access Mercantile, commented on this major innovation as a first of its kind in field services debt collection, “At Access Mercantile, we firmly believe that exceptional customer support is paramount—especially during times of economic hardship. With iDebt360, we are redefining possibilities, ensuring our people provide swift, effective assistance granting our community the peace of mind they deserve.”