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Increased need for field services - direct customer engagement

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Demand for our field services continue to grow as our clients look for ways to engage with customers.


We recognise the pivotal role field visits play in facilitating direct customer engagement. Our field services offer a dynamic platform for seamless integration into the credit ecosystem, enabling face-to-face interactions that foster meaningful connections with customers.


Our field services are a great way to integrate into the credit ecosystem where agents will visit face to face with customers. With the highest standards, field visits are effective as customer's engage with an agent at their door. Our agents are fully trained to enable full collection, payment arrangement, hardship identification or even to simply make contact to have the customer engage with your team.


Many of our clients are realising that field services are not an endeavour of last resort, rather, a key and successful way of enabling customer engagement at the beginning of the collection cycle for those customers who have disengaged. These clients are reaping the rewards of fast interaction which ultimately has driven down delinquency as well as improved customer experience.


Our clients are using field services to:

  • Engaging customer early in collection activity especially when all other communication attempts have been unsuccessful
  • Facilitate hardship status - completing or closing off hardship requests. Many clients have been able to reduce their hardship portfolio by engaging in field services to close off applications.


In response to escalating client demand, we have significantly expanded our agent network across key states such as Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. This strategic expansion ensures comprehensive coverage and enables us to promptly address client referrals. With a commitment to efficiency and responsiveness, we prioritize actioning most referrals within 24 hours, ensuring timely support and resolution for our clients